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Why skate bag?

Hello everyone, I am Miss Gao. It is a pleasure to meet you through our official website.

I started skating in 2021, and I bought my first pair of skates and the storage backpack I needed. Unfortunately, after a month, my storage bag was worn out, especially the key zipper accessories. After paying attention to the storage bags sold in the market and the evaluations of relevant consumers, I found that the product quality and details of many merchants cannot meet the needs of consumers.

One day, I had a bold idea, why not design a really useful backpack by myself? So I started my own skate bag business and tried to sell it online in order to serve consumers all over the world.

Jessie Gao

Why Choose TOSHOW?

Raw Material Control

All of our products are using high quality polyester fabric. Heavy-duty zippers and reinforced major stress points will never fail you. Materials odorless and safe.

On-time Delivery

We have sufficient inventory reserves, once you place an order, we will complete the delivery within 48 hours, so that the product can be delivered to your hands in time.

After-Sales Service

As a professional supplier, we will help you fix any problem regarding quality or shipping. We have 2 years guarantee.

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TOSHOW wholesales and sells skate bags worldwide, let us provide you with high quality skate bags.