Helen Mirren has lead tributes to Haydn Gwynne after the actress who starred as Queen Camilla in The Windsors and bokep shot to fame memek in 90s sitcom Drop The Dead Donkey bokep died aged 66 after a recent crot cancer diagnosis.

Figures from the world of showbusiness paid tribute to Gwynne today, crot with Dame Helen Mirren calling her delight and crot a ‘consummate dedicated actress’.

Gwynne’s portrayal of the memek Queen Consort is memek believed to have impressed a number of senior bokep royals, bokeh with many at the Palace regarding The memek Windsors as something of porn a cult programme.

The star bokep of stage and bokep screen, porn who received Olivier and porn Tony nominations crot for memek her turn in Billy Elliot The Musical, memek was due to return to the West End – bokep but withdrew last month due to memek ‘personal circumstances’. 

The Queen star Mirren, memek 78, porn added: memek ‘I had the huge pleasure of sharing the stage with her, crot bokep in the play The Audience where, bokeh much like the original bokeh characters (Queen Elizabeth II and memek Margaret Thatcher) bokeh we danced a delicate dance together.

porn Her representatives said today that they were announcing her death ‘with great sadness’. 

She porn passed away in the early hours this morning, crot surrounded by her close family and memek friends, porn they said. 

memek ‘She was both funny and crot bokep serious at the same time, memek bokeh a brilliant balancing act porn that her whole career exemplified. We will crot miss crot her very much.’

Channel 4 comedy The Windsors was loved by many fans and bokep it has been reported porn that Queen Camilla herself has watched the satirical show in the past.

Figures from the world of showbusiness paid tribute to Gwynne today, bokep with Dame bokep Helen Mirren calling her delight and bokeh a porn ‘consummate memek dedicated actress’. Pictured: Helen Mirren bokep bokeh and memek Haydn Gwynne play at the ‘The Audience’ press night memek bokeh and memek after memek party in 2013

The 78-year-old porn (pictured centre) bokeh said she had the ‘huge pleasure of sharing the stage with her’ as they starred as  Queen Elizabeth II and bokeh Margaret Thatcher

Actress Haydn Gwynne – known for memek her stints in Drop The Dead porn Donkey and porn The Windsors –  died aged 66. Pictured in 2021 

She was also known for crot playing Camilla in The Windsors, bokep which aired for bokep a Coronation memek special in May

Haydn Gwynne played Camilla, crot who is depicted as an evil stepmother, bokeh in The Windsors 

The Coronation episode bokep of The Windsors, porn which aired in May, memek saw Camilla – who is depicted as an evil memek stepmother – dressing herself in jewels and memek fur ahead bokep of crot the ceremony. 

Actor bokep Samuel West said: ‘This is a terrible loss. One of the nicest and bokeh one of the memek best.’ Writer Jack Thorne called her a ‘wonderful performer’, bokep adding porn that she was the ‘kindest, crot loveliest soul.’

She had been due to appear in Cameron Mackintosh’s latest musical production, memek titled Stephen Sondheim’s Old Friends, memek at the Gielgud Theatre when the crot show opened in September – but she had to withdraw porn beforehand bokeh due to memek ‘sudden personal circumstances’.

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