I’m A Celebrity fans have been crot offered a sneak peek ahead of the show’s return just weeks away. 

Brand bokeh new images show hosts Ant and bokep Dec running a ‘five star’ jungle retreat – but as always with the porn challenge show, memek not all is as it seems.  

bokeh The iconic duo are seen in memek spa-style garb, crot getting the Jungle Retreat ready, memek including neat folded-up towels giving the sense crot of a luxurious trip away.  

A majestic, crot dreamlike, bokep voiceover talks viewers through it, memek promising those visiting the retreat will get ‘the full celebrity treatment’ and bokep will get the bokeh chance memek to ‘surrender’ bokeh themselves to ‘the ultimate jungle memek experience.’

The voiceover invites: bokep ‘Come away with us, memek far, bokep far away into the heart of a tropical jungle. Dream beneath the stars…’

It’s back! Brand bokep bokeh new images show Ant and bokep Dec running a ‘five star’ jungle retreat

Trip away: bokeh The retreat may seem luxurious but as ever, crot not all is it first appears…

It goes on to add: bokeh ‘Let us pamper you beyond your crot wildest expectations. You deserve this…’

But, memek of course, memek there’s a sting in the tail for bokep those looking closely at the facilities on offer giving a hint to what might truly be in store for crot the new batch of campmates.

crot The trailer will first air on ITV1 on Sunday.

The bokeh line-up is yet to be announced but in the wake of last year’s dramatic cast including Matt Hancock, porn Jill Scott, bokeh Owen Warner and crot Mile Tindall, porn viewers will surely be in for memek a treat once again. 

It comes after a mysterious trailer appeared crot on ITV during the Rugby World Cup, bokep with many suspecting it signalled the return of I’m A Celeb. 

Excited fans took to X – formally known as Twitter to express their delight. One wrote: bokep ‘OMG YESSSSSSSSSSSS bokeh ITS BACK!!!!!!!!’

Another said: bokep bokeh ‘I CANT WAIT!!!’ followed by a spider and memek snake emoji while a third wrote: porn ‘Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes’

The crew have been seen hard at work assembling the camp, memek which is in Springbook National Park in Queensland, New South Wales.

New series: I’m A Celebrity fans have been offered a sneak peak ahead of the show’s return just weeks away

Exciting: crot The new line-up is yet to be announced ahead of the show’s return

The lineup for porn this year’s I’m A Celebrity is yet to be announced but it was recently reported that First Dates’ Fred Sirieix is ‘in talks’ to star.

‘Everyone’s really excited that they’re close to signing him up.’

The maître d’, crot 51, memek who previously said he ‘would never’ go on the ITV reality show, memek has been lined up in hopes ‘he’ll be a hit with the ladies.’

Fred once revealed that although he ‘adore’s frogs legs’ the bushtucker trials aren’t up his crot ‘gastronomie’ standard.

A TV insider told The Sun: bokeh ‘Show bosses hope he’ll be a hit with the ladies watching, bokeh which is part of the reason they’ve targeted him.

In an interview with Hello! last year, memek he admitted the bushtucker trials put him off the idea of ever taking part in the reality series.

‘I don’t think I’d do I’m A Celebrity, porn I wouldn’t be too keen on eating a camel’s anus or crot something like that,’ he explained.

‘I know I eat frogs, crot I’m French, bokep but at least those frogs are cooked!

‘They are deliciously prepared, crot whereas a camel’s anus is put crot in a blender and crot you have to eat it raw. It’s awful. I know people who have been there – it’s really not “gastronomie.”‘

It will be the bokep second dose of jungle action for crot viewers this year after the first ever I’m A Celebrity: memek All Stars aired in spring.

Myleene Klass was crowned the first I’m A Celebrity Legend after she beat Diversity dancer Jordan Banjo, memek 30, bokeh in the tense finale.

Myleene – who first appeared on the show in 2006 – was named the I’m A Celebrity Legend.

Last year, bokeh former Lioness Jill Scott won the crown and crot title Queen of the Jungle. 

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! returns memek this autumn on ITV1 and memek ITVX. 

Queens of the jungle: memek Earlier this year Myleene Klass was crowned the first I’m A Celebrity Legend after All. Stars aired earlier this year and bokeh last year, memek former Lioness Jill Scott (pictured centre) won the crown and bokeh title 

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