For those who want a dry bag to hike with, there are essentially two routes open to you- you can either get a dry bag with some kind of carry system, or you can use a smaller dry bag inside of your hiking pack. When you want to use it as a clutch or accessories kit, detach the removable strap. Below we’ll break down dry bags by sport and situation- why you’d want them, what they look like, and a few of our favorites in every category. If you are dressed like a tourist (looking at you guys who love packing all your American sport team t-shirts on Europe trips!) you are way more likely to be targeted. We love our dry bags, and have been spared some sad, soggy scenarios because we chose the right model for the occasion. When making an online purchase of ladies laptop bags, look for an e-store that has a good reputation in the market.

Satchel: This is a perfect combination for the working women and you can easily place your laptop in it as well. If you’re shopping for a sling bag, look for one that tells you the size of the largest laptop that fits comfortably inside. One of the inside pockets was defective and detached from the bag. “Being professional photographers, anti-theft features in backpacks are incredibly important to us, as we often travel with huge amounts of expensive equipment in unusual locations,” says Jarryd Salem, one half of adventure duo Nomadasaurus. For the beach, the pool, and tooling around high-risk splash zones you don’t need to go crazy with an expedition-ready adventure duffel. You may need professional advice and care if something happens like that. Water-resistant dry bags are usually made of materials like nylon with special coatings or layers that repel water. The simple design and durable materials make it a decent choice for photographers with a minimal setup. With less risk of being punctured by cacti or ripped over rocks, these kinds of bags similar to Osprey’s UltraLight make use of lightweight materials and less durable components. The sling bag comes in more than 10 colors and is made from durable washed canvas to keep it in good shape even after long use.

The 100% cowhide women’s leather sling bag provides a specific quality and status that will make want to take very good care of this bag, most likely resulting in it being reserved for more special occasions. On special occasions, they opt for slim leather sling bags due to their comfort and accessibility. To help you decide what pack is the clear winner, glance through our in-depth guide spotlighting the best sling bags available on the market. Additional features like external pockets, waterproof zippers, and vents to help release air are just some examples of the features we look for in our dry bags. But it bears repeating, all of these features fall far behind a solid waterproof build- keep this in mind when browsing feature-rich budget models. While splashproof dry bags offer a degree of water resistance, they are not designed to be fully submersible or completely waterproof. Higher-priced dry bags often offer superior materials, better construction, and additional features like padded straps, multiple compartments, or extra durability. Larger or higher-capacity dry bags also tend to be more expensive than smaller ones.

While you definitely don’t want to subject your gear to undue risk, you shouldn’t be compelled into buying a drybag that’s more expensive than what you need. These bags provide the same convenience and volume that any parent preferences, while keeping the design of a gymnasium bag or attache scenario. These versatile crossbody sling bags are perfect for individuals who require a functional and stylish solution for carrying their essentials. High volume and heavy-duty, these dry bags are built to sit around in the bottom of a boat, be dragged over sandstone, and keep all of your essentials dry in event of a splash or boat flip. The main differences between the two bags are the size – the City Sling is a couple of inches shorter and a few inches less wide and it can be worn as either a crossbody or hip bag, whereas the Day Sling 2 isn’t designed to work as a hip bag.

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