A backpack or small suitcase is designed to carry stuff and as such, top points are awarded for how packable each one is. Not to mention, carrying your pup or small dog around can cause back and shoulder pain. The telescopic handle can also lock at multiple heights, so it can last years as your child grows. The Master Lock set your own word combination padlock is designed specifically for indoor use with school and gym lockers in mind, and the four-letter word combos provide sufficient security to keep items inside the locker safe. The bag also comes equipped with 3 zippered pockets to keep you organized and keep your stuff safe. The bag has a plastic stand to keep it from tipping over, so you don’t have to worry about balancing it just to try to keep your items safe. Hidden internal compartments keep your valuables safe and secure, and besides being water-resistant, if your backpack gets dirty from all that sitting on classroom floors, you can throw this slim, yet sturdy bag in the washing machine and it’ll be good as new.

Each bag also has reflective tape in its design, so it’s safe to use at night. However, it’s also been designed to be useful for short overnight trips as well. Most of the time, people land into confusion on how to pack everything for a short trip. One unique thing about this pack is the compression straps that you can attach from any two loops on the whole pack. The shoulder straps handle the maximum weight of the backpack. While most bags will have straps and a handle to allow for different transport options, other features can vary. The formfitting, lightweight design allows easy installation and portability, while the TPU material helps resist yellowing and stretching for long-term use. While a big backpack may enable high schoolers to carry more, it can also place unnecessary strain on their back. Rolling backpacks can get expensive. If you hate backpacks that ruin your organization, consider this option from Everest. Don’t you just hate it when your suitcase falls over itself because the wheels don’t move intuitively? The wheels and handle can also be hidden when not in use for extra comfort. It’s also got comfortable mesh straps for traditional backpack use and a telescopic handle to use the wheels.

The bag offers extra protection to your items thanks to its compression straps that will keep your things from shifting around. There’s also a big stretch pocket in the front where you can keep an extra layer (sometimes this is referred to as a “bellowed” pocket). You can also use the chest strap to make sure the bag’s weight is evenly distributed to reduce strain. However, if you need to carry more supplies with you, the bag is equipped with a triangle clip you can use for that purpose. You can find waterproof bag options, bags with extra compartments, and bags designed to carry tech products safely. Hot Tip: Check out our detailed guide on the best travel backpacks for men and women for options to carry on or check. Though the GORUCK line is the only line that touts testing to hold 450lbs, I’ve run and exercised with plenty of iron plates in my other tactical backpacks without so much as a busted stitch. You won’t fit a laptop in this backpack, but you will have plenty of room for your other everyday essentials, like snacks for an easygoing hike or your phone and wallet to hit up happy hour.

There’s more to a laptop bag than simply being able to carry a laptop. Of course, the best backpack coolers retain ice all day and are comfortable to carry, but some offer more quirks and features than you might imagine. The bag is large enough to fit anything you might need for a day at work or school. The bag has a large capacity, so you can keep everything you need organized. Unlike other bags, this option is large enough to also hold multiple books, notebooks, and more. Unlike other bags, this option also has nearly-silent wheels, so you can roll it without creating much noise. You can easily adjust the main pocket to fit laptops that measure between 13 and 17 inches. A tiny zip pocket at the top of the bag is the ideal spot to stash my earbuds, charger or a small backpack for women pair of sunglasses. There’s a front pocket, side slip pocket and roomy main compartment. Lid: The lid covers the main opening. If you just wander out into the yard and start blowing, you’re probably going to waste time and energy.

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