Enormous Temu DUPE and gift haul!!!

The beaded handbag pattern repeats from top to bottom. Trace the star pattern onto white card stock six times; cut out. Presumably, we would not be fed a thing during the six hours that we would be filming. Step 3: To make the tote bag handle, fold the 3×15-inch piece of fabric in thirds. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise with the wrong side of the fabric facing out. Sew the two sides of the fabric together, running a stitch along the bottom and up the side of the folded fabric. I then crocheted the strap by making decreases on the one side of the bag, and then ended with the same amount of increases to match the other side. Thread one lace end through the top hole on the strap, then thread the same lace diagonally to the bottom hole on the strap. Cut 2 different-colored pieces of construction paper the same length and with the same pointed triangle shapes at the top. Sew along the length of the fabric to stitch it together.

Step 1: Cut a 7×7-inch piece and a 13×18-inch piece of white fabric. Step Four: Glue each piece onto the next largest piece, and staple all the ends together. Step 5: Remove the paper backing from the adhesive. Wear a paper painters’ mask when painting indoors. When painting overhead, wear goggles to keep paint out of your eyes. Airless sprayers are equipped with several filters to keep paint particles and foreign matter from clogging the spray tip, but it’s a good idea to filter the paint yourself through a nylon stocking or paint filter before you pump the paint through the hose. Consignment or vintage stores or online sites like eBay are great resources for classic bags at excellent prices. Wooly mittens are a classic knitting project, and the matching headband makes this ideal for winter. Our kits are great for beginners and as gifts for anyone interested in making jewelry. The materials not only go into making a unique piece of jewelry; they serve a secondary purpose ever since Delina expanded her beadwork by using those beaded monogram clutch designs to create her own fabrics.

Step 3: Place a piece of red card stock on top of the lid; run your finger around the inside rim to make an impression of the circle, and cut this circle out. If you’re throwing the party at your house, run the carpet all the way from the curb to the doorway. If you roll down on the first stroke, the paint may puddle under the roller and run down the wall. Carve a chilly delight in our first activity — find out how on the next page. The sheer volume of information gives the first half of the book a textbook-like feel. First, lay the jeans on a flat surface, cut off each leg, and then cut the remaining top part in half. It will seem tedious at first, but your speed and accuracy will improve with practice, and even one ordinary-size room will give you lots of practice.

Next, smooth over these strokes with a single, long stroke, painting out from the corner first, then vertically. Microcrystalline wax, a synthetic beeswax, is what I prefer over beeswax, because it’s not as sticky and doesn’t require softening as beeswax sometimes needs. It’s really not hard to make a bag with beads, it just takes time and patience. To do it effectively, go slowly and cut in 4 or 5 inches at a time. Step 1: Cut the white card stock into two 6 by 12-inch pieces. To make colorful stripe patterned straps, cut the beading thread and slide through your colored beads. The colored beads came in an assorted bag of 300 pieces. No, you don’t. While using a sewing machine can make the process quicker, you can also create a bead bag using hand-sewing techniques. For example, a size 11° Delica does not equal a size 11° seed bead. Japanese seed beads can also be found in a cylindrical shape called cylinder beads. As a company dedicated to providing high-quality silicone beads for crafting, art, and design, BusyBead understands the importance of establishing a strong online presence. Yes, I can see that working with the bugle beads would be challenging in this scenario.

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